Store your possessions until they are needed

Country Hills Storage is an Authorized U-Haul© Dealer in Calgary

For those that have a little or a lot to move within the Calgary area, or those moving to or from other parts of the country, U-Haul© International Truck Rentals can provide valuable assistance for your move.

Summer months and the days at the end of each month are particularly busy for this service, so if you are in the market for truck rentals, please let us know with as much notice as possible. This will allow us to have a vehicle ready to go when you arrive.

Rates for truck rental can vary, depending on your destination and the date the rental is required. We offer special low rates for those moving locally!

Trucks are available in sizes ranging from 14’ (1 ton) to the larger 26’ (5 ton) trucks.

Visit the U-Haul website for additional moving and storage needs, or contact us for more information and to learn about our many satellite locations.