10 Tips for Calgary NE Self Storage

Calgary NE Self Storage – 10 Tips

Are you looking for some self storage in NE Calgary? There are many reasons people need storage services. And if you’ve never made use of a storage unit before, you may be surprised at the amount of thought and organization that needs to be put into it. So here are our 10 Calgary NE self storage tips.

Pick A Trustworthy Storage Company

You want to choose a reputable company. A storage company needs to have the right security measures in place. Countless people are storing their valuable belongings there after all! We recommend that you call the company and ask them some questions about their security and their services. You can always check reviews online and see what people have to say about the company too!

10 Tips for Calgary NE Self Storage

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Know Exactly Why You Need Storage

Our second Calgary NE self storage tip is to know exactly why you need storage. This will help you stick to your goals. Some people need long term storage, some people just want to store their belongings temporarily and others simply need storage for a few days between moves. By knowing why you need storage, you’ll be able to stick to a clear plan.

Think About What You Want To Store

You need to think about what needs to be stored. That way you can organize your belongings clearly. It will determine how many boxes you need and give you insight on how to store your items.

Make Sure You Get The Right Unit Size

Picking the correct unit size is highly important. If you get a unit that is too small, you may not be able to fit everything. On the other hand, if you get something needlessly big, it’ll cost you more money. So measure out the approximate space you’ll need. That way you can choose a unit that suits your needs.

Think About The Climate

If you’re storing things that need to be at a certain temperature, you’ll need to consider the climate. Is the storage unit indoor or outdoor? If the climate is regulated you store anything. However, extreme heat or cold can damage your belongings.

Cover Exposed Belongings

Cover your belongings! Dust is everywhere. And if your belongings are being stored for a long time, you’ll be impressed at how much dust gathers. If you cover your possessions, you’ll help protect them too.

Place Heavy Belongings On The Bottom

Always place heavy items on the bottom. It’s basic stacking logic. If you place your heavy items on top, they might crush the boxes beneath them. Additionally, by stacking the heavier items on the bottom you will have a sturdier pile than if they were on top.

Make A List

Knowing what you’ve stored is essential for not losing track of your things. By making a list, you’ll know exactly what you have in your storage unit.

Label Boxes And Bins

In addition to knowing what you have stored, by labeling boxes and bins, finding your stuff will be much easier!

Make Sure Everything Is Easily Accessible

Make sure everything is accessible! You want to make sure you’re able to walk into the storage unit to access your stuff. By allowing for a bit of space, you’ll be able grab almost anything without having to undo the entire set up.

So if you’re getting storage in NE Calgary, be sure to follow these 10 tips!