Beddington Heights Self Storage

Beddington Heights Self Storage

Short term, long term, and everything in between. If you need storage in Beddington Heights, you will find it here.

Beddington Heights Self Storage


We offer flexible storage spaces for all your personal and business storage needs. With our Beddington Heights Self Storage, you can store as much or as little as you like, and for as long or as little as you need. Whether you need to store the contents of your entire house as you move home, or just want to keep some small personal items secure in our small lockers as you travel,  our self storage unit can provide a practical and cost-effective solution.

Business Beddington Heights Self Storage

Need to store stock? Pick and Pack orders? or just need somewhere for that extra office furniture - Self storage is ideal for all types of business.

Free up useful office space by moving out surplus inventory, furniture, seasonal goods or file archives. Our Beddington Heights self storage units provide cost-effective, flexible and secure options.

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Huntington Hills Self Storage

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Decluttering Storage

Rent a storage locker for boxes and light furniture if you have to get rid of items to make room in your home. Decluttering a house is a great way to reclaim some space at home.

Student Storage

Rent small lockers or a larger storage room for boxes, bags, bikes, files and paperwork. Generate extra space in your student accommodation.

Moving Home Storage

Store items away to make moving home easier. Whether you are in a transition period waiting for your new home, or even downsizing, store your items for as long as you need to.

Home Office Storage

Make room for a permanent office space at home. We often receive inquiries from homeowners who are looking to maximize their space at home.

Renovation Storage

Rent personal lockers or rooms to store furniture and home items during a renovation process, making the job easier, tidier and stress free. Beddington Heights Self Storage

Travelling Storage

We are flexible, therefore you can travel and stay for as long as you need to. When you are back, you can access your goods as you need.

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Beddington Heights Self Storage Self Storage

 Number One for Beddington Heights Self Storage in Calgary

Storage Professionals

One of the things that sets out our self storage team apart from the rest is their experience and industry knowledge. If you’ve got questions about storage, moving and more, we’ve got the answers!

The best choice for Beddington Heights self storage.

What sets our storage services apart? however

  • We’ve got on site managers on site 5 days a week.
  • Our facility offers well maintained, properly secured and regularly cleaned storage containers to keep your items safe.
  • Choose a flexible month to month storage package that suits your budget. No long term commitments!

Your search for self storage in Beddington Heights ends here.

No idea how much space you need? Or what service you'd like? Contact us today to get an advice.

We have numerous sizes of clean, waterproof metal cargo containers to meet your self-storage needs.

Choose from containers in sizes ranging from:

8' x 10'


8' x 20'


8' x 40'


Why Beddington Heights Self Storage?

makes self storage easy, convenient and flexible.

No minimum term contracts, no long term leases, no hidden costs and move in without any hassle or delay. No more utility bills, no security charges and above all, you are free to expand and contract your storage requirements anytime you need to.

Whether you are moving house, redecorating or just looking for extra storage space, we meet all your storage needs and requirements. Equipped with excellent facilities we can easily be accessed during weekdays (office hours). Let's face it, in this economy everybody is trying to save money whatever way they can. We firmly believe that our self storage proves to be a cheap, plain and simple solution to your storage problems. Moreover,  we pride ourselves in our dedication to our customers and the care given to their storage needs be it for weeks, months or years.

Contact us today to discuss your needs at (403) 226-0557