Self Storage Calgary

Are you in need of a self storage unit in Calgary?

Country Hills Self Storage Calgary offer self storage solutions for the short term or the long term.

Self Storage Calgary
As a result of the rapid growth of cities and towns in the Calgary area, people too often find themselves in the situation of being between homes and needing to store their personal belongings for short or extended  periods of time. Country Hills Self Storage facilities offer self storage solutions for the short term or the long term. Our Self Storage varies from small 8'x10' to large 8'x40' size containers.

We offer the perfect self storage solution in Calgary for households and businesses that need to free up space or find extra space. Our modern, safe and secure storage spaces are ideal for household furniture, personal possessions, business goods or inventory. You get 5-star storage facilities and smart and simple storage experience. Get your own self-storage space at Country Hill Self Storage today.

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Safe Storage space in Calgary for the things you love

Once you find the right space, give us a call, reserve your container at Country Hills Self Storage.

If you wish to use this popular offer – we recommend booking early as our Self Storage do fill up quickly. We also recommend coming down to the office at 11575 14 St NE, Calgary  to inspect the space and meet the Self Storage manager before renting. When you’re ready to pack and move, we’ve got boxes, furniture and mattress protectors and plenty of other packing materials you’ll need to make your storage experience stress free and convenient.

Once you move in, you lock it, you keep the key and are provided with a security code which gives you access to your goods 365 days a year. All of our self-storage is invoiced month to month in advance and you can change your space with absolutely no penalty. Give us 2 weeks notice and we’ll provide any unused rent so you won’t pay more than you’ve used.

Benefits of using self-storage

Utilizing self-storage units, like those offered by Country Hills Self Storage in Northeast Calgary, presents a multitude of benefits tailored to meet diverse needs, whether for personal organization, moving, or business purposes. These rental units afford a convenient and affordable solution for decluttering your space, thereby enhancing organization within your home or office. During moves, the availability of different unit sizes, coupled with optional truck rental services, simplifies the transition by safely housing your belongings during the interim. Moreover, flexible lease terms and insurance options provide peace of mind, ensuring that your items are secure and protected. Country Hills Self Storage epitomizes the essence of hassle-free storage solutions, offering the ease and flexibility necessary to accommodate any storage scenario.


How to choose the right storage unit size

When selecting the perfect storage unit size for your needs, consider factors like convenience, affordability, and the specific requirements of your move or organization project. At Country Hills Self Storage in Northeast Calgary, we offer a variety of unit sizes to fit every need. For smaller tasks, such as decluttering or seasonal storage, our 8’ X 10’ units are an ideal and affordable option. Those in the midst of moving or requiring more space for furniture and larger items might find our 8’ X 20’ units more suitable. For extensive storage needs, such as full household moves or business inventory, our expansive 8' X 40' containers provide ample space. Ensure a seamless experience by considering additional services we offer, such as truck rental, insurance options, and flexible lease terms, all designed to provide maximum convenience and peace of mind during your rental period with Country Hills Self Storage.

8' x 10'


8' x 20'


8' x 40'


Country Hills Self Storage Calgary

makes self storage easy, convenient and flexible.


Country Hills Self Storage FAQ

What size storage unit do I need?

Choosing the right storage unit size depends on the number and type of items you plan to store. Country Hills Self Storage offers a variety of unit sizes, from small units for a few boxes and a couch, equivalent to a 1-bedroom apartment, to larger units that can fit the contents of a 3-4 bedroom house or even a vehicle. Use our online size guide or contact our team in Calgary for personalized assistance.

Can I access my self-storage unit 24/7?

At Country Hills Self Storage, we understand the importance of convenience and flexibility. Our facility in Northeast Calgary offers 24/7 access to your storage unit, ensuring that you can get to your belongings anytime you need, day or night.

Are there any restrictions on what I can store?

Yes, for the safety and security of all our clients and their belongings, there are restrictions. Prohibited items include perishables, flammable or hazardous materials, illegal goods, and live animals. If you're unsure about a specific item, please check with our staff for guidance.

How do I prepare my items for storage?

Proper preparation ensures the safety and preservation of your items. Clean and dry everything before packing, disassemble large furniture if possible, use quality packing supplies available at our Calgary site. Our team is here to provide more tips and assistance.

Do I need to provide my own lock?

For your convenience and peace of mind, every storage unit at Country Hills Self Storage is secured with a high-quality lock. If you prefer to use your own lock for added protection, you're welcome to do so. We also sell locks on-site if you need one.

How long can I rent a storage unit?

Our rental agreements are flexible, catering to both short-term and long-term needs. Whether you're moving, decluttering, or need an extended lease for business storage in Calgary, we have affordable solutions. Contact us to learn more about our lease terms, pricing, and any ongoing promotions.