Hawkwood Self Storage

Hawkwood Self Storage

If you need storage, you need Hawkwood self storage. We do short term storage, long term storage, and everything in between.

Beddington Heights Self Storage


Need to store a few personal things for a short while? Or the contents of your home for a long time? Maybe you need to keep some stuff that doesn’t fit in your office in a safe place. We can help. Our self storage facility offers flexible storage options for personal and corporate customers. Our team helps people who are moving into a new home, or a new province. Some of our customers are travellers too, who just need storage while they’re exploring. Whatever your storage need, we have you covered.

Business Hawkwood Self Storage

Many of our customers are businesses in Hawkwood and other parts of Calgary. Some need to store excess stock. Some use our storage units as a fulfillment center. Others store their old files. Whatever your business self storage needs, we have you covered.

Don’t live with a cluttered office or warehouse! Treat our storage units as an extension of your business and get organized! Moving Home Storage, however Home Office Storage

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Huntington Hills Self Storage

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Decluttering Storage

It’s amazing how quickly all that stuff that you don’t use but want to keep can get out of control! Free up your garage or basement by storing items you don’t use often in our secure and easy to access storage lockers. Moving Home Storage, however Home Office Storage

Student Storage

Are you or your child studying in Calgary from out of town? Store the stuff you need but don’t have space for in a storage locker! Save space and rent a smaller apartment! Decluttering Storage, therefore Travelling Storage

Moving Home Storage

Sometimes, when you move, the timing just doesn’t work out. Maybe you have to rent between your old home and your new. Or maybe you’re just not sure where you want to put everything! Take the pressure off with our moving home storage options.

Home Office Storage

A home office is great. But things can get out of hand quickly. If you have way too many boxes and binders, and you need to make space, we can help! Decluttering Storage, therefore Travelling Storage

Renovation Storage

Renovations are great. They’re like a brand-new start without having to move! But while your home is being transformed, you’re going to need somewhere to put all your stuff! We can help. Moving Home Storage, however Home Office Storage

Travelling Storage

Are you heading out to explore the world? Don’t worry about your stuff! You can store it securely in one of our storage units. With short- and long-term storage options, you’ve got flexibility too!

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 Number One for Hawkwood Self Storage in Calgary

Storage Professionals

We’re more than just another storage company. Our team is made up of dedicated storage professionals. We eat, sleep, and breathe storage, so you don’t have to!

The best choice for Hawkwood self storage.

What sets our storage services apart? however

  • There’s always a manager on site when you need them.
  • We offer flexible month to month storage options with no long-term commitments!
  • All our units are secure, clean, and accessible when you need to get to your stuff.

Your search for self storage in Hawkwood ends here.

Not sure what the best storage solution is for you? We can help! Call or email to get professional advice.

Why go with a one size fits all solution? We have several different sizes of storage container, so you can pick the one that works best for you!

Choose from containers in sizes ranging from:

8' x 10'


8' x 20'


8' x 40'


Why Hawkwood Self Storage?

makes self storage easy, convenient and flexible.

Our customers love our Hawkwood self storage options for several reasons. One of them is the flexibility. Not only do we offer different size containers for your storage needs, but we also offer long and short-term options. There are no contracts, no minimum or maximum storage terms, and no hassles.

We work with customers who need storage for various different reasons. Some are moving to a new house. Others are heading off to see the world and aren’t sure when they will be back. Many are businesses. No matter what our customers need, we’re happy to help. Our self storage solutions are more than just a place to put your stuff. We work with our customers to tailor a storage solution that works for them. With various pricing options for different types of storage and easy month to month payments, it’s easy to store with us.

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